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Aug 10, 2024 - Oct 19, 2024

Embody Divine Duality

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The program embodying Divine Duality takes the path of unlearning, and relearning from everyone’s unique inner Divine nature. The treasure that we are heading is a creative field that simultaneously will heal. When we come to the ableness of merging opposites within ourselves, and make them thrive together, we have come to the next level of human consciousness. A field of consciousness that only the one experiencing it can imagine. We will use our voices as a great tool to heal and making us able to choose our energy field. And we will activate our sensory system to make our natural creativity take place, following our intentions. The course will help us heal our relations and to have a life that is connected to the great web that rules all natural laws. Our mind, heart and body will be our tools to interconnect and to use differently by conscious choice. We will practice Divine Duality throughout the course to make it a natural way perceiving duality in its field of match and merge. Being one with the magic third reality that it creates. The willpower that in the 2D world perceiving duality, made us have a strong ego, now will be used differently. We will live in a worldview where everything is connected and the potential in the matched and merged will form itself after our investigations.

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