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Shape the Future:

Unleash Your Spirit and Embrace Conscious Leadership at our Global Virtual Summit!

Join Us for the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit!

Find Your Voice of Leadership and Embrace Your Inner Power at this Global Event!

Want to know how to find happiness and lead from your core? Join us at the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit!

This is Important! The world is about to change, are you ready for it?

Inspirational Speakers and Thought Leaders from around the globe will share their personal stories of transformation, success, and social impact. Re-ignite your passion as they share their journeys, challenges faced, and strategies you can use to create a happier and more meaningful life.

Discover practical tools, frameworks, and resources you can apply to your own life, initiatives and projects right away. You will find sessions on how you can strengthen your spirit, cultivate conscious leadership, and pioneer the future.

You’ll also get to network, collaborate, and engage in live discussions, experience life-enhancing and thought-provoking sessions throughout the summit.

Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit features speakers from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hungary, UK, and Sweden. Where will you be joining us from? Register here for free!

The time is NOW to start making the necessary changes in your life. This summit will give you the inspiration, motivation and tools to guide you in the right direction with clarity, focus and insight. Register now!

Are you seeking more joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Would you like to connect with something larger than yourself and contribute to the world in a way that aligns with your values and beliefs?

It’s time to start thinking beyond the current norms and envision a different future! We all face obstacles and uncertainty in life, and learning to embrace risk-taking, navigate uncertainty, and bounce back from setbacks is crucial. These illuminating sessions offer real possibilities to overcome those challenges, adapt to changes, and develop a growth mindset. Some of these sessions include:

  • Happiness-Face Your Fears and Find It

  • Developing Self-Worth for a Joyful Life

  • Awakening To Your Inner Power

  • Strengthening Your Voice of Leadership

  • Framing Your Reality Toward Unity Consciousness

  • Individual and Planetary Ascension

  • ...and of course so much more!

Register for the entire summit for free.

And of course you’ll also hear my session on The Divine Side of Duality and the Power of Sound.

Join us June 27-29, 2023!

I recommend you sign up for the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit TODAY! There are some phenomenal speakers as this event and I’ll be sharing a session on Divine Duality.

Are you ready to ignite your spirit, pioneer the future, and step into conscious leadership? Then this summit is for you!

Discover the power within you to create positive change and shape a better world. Our expert speakers will guide you through transformative sessions on strengthening your spirit, pioneering new frontiers, and embodying conscious leadership.

Key Topics Include:

- Strengthening Your Spirit: Unlock the hidden potential within you as we explore techniques for cultivating resilience, mindfulness, and personal growth.

- Pioneering the Future: Dive into the realm of innovation and visionary thinking. Learn how to break barriers, embrace uncertainty, and shape the future with bold ideas and groundbreaking strategies.

- Conscious Leadership: Unleash your leadership potential and lead with integrity, empathy, and purpose.

Why Attend?

- Gain valuable insights from renowned thought leaders and industry experts

- Network and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating positive change

- Acquire practical tools and strategies to implement in your personal and professional life

- Discover your own potential to make a meaningful impact in the world

- Find inspiration, motivation, and guidance on your journey of personal and societal transformation

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to awaken your spirit, pioneer the future, and embrace conscious leadership. Join us at the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference.

Date: June 27-29, 2023

Location: Virtual

Together, let's wake up, change the world, and create a future filled with possibility and positive impact.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

We are thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary event that will unveil the secrets to strengthening your spirit, pioneering the future, and embracing conscious leadership. Get ready to unlock your true potential and create a life of fulfillment, love, and purpose!

On the first day, we have curated an incredible lineup of sessions that will empower you to heal, awaken your potential, and discover your inner power.

Get ready to embrace the future and explore new frontiers of consciousness on our second day and on the final day you get to unleash your leadership potential and explore the depths of conscious leadership on our final day.

These Global Leaders will share their wisdom, insight and key practices with YOU so you can strengthen your transformation journey into authentic empowerment. They are coming to you from Europe, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and North America with unique perspectives on what it takes to wake up and change the world. You don’t want to miss it!


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