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Duality is Oneness expanding.

Becoming able to interact with itself.

When seeing life from this viewpoint, the shift that it will create, we are set free to be fully in connection with all our inherent intelligences.

We will be connected to the great web of life.

Our vast potential.


Every moment, every thought, act and sensation are conceived by relations[1].

We just can’t breathe without getting air into our lungs. The relation between our inhale and the surrounding air. Our cells react to the experience.

Here we will explore the most elemental of relations, where change and possibilities are dormant, to be birthed by our intentions; the counterparts of duality; dark and light, the universal Mother and Father.

The polarity that is life on Earth.

What we will explore here is what their cooperation creates. The use of polarity to come to an understanding that will change your life into one of pure potential.

The two counterparts; the Mother and the Father, the originators of duality, and what is conceived by their interrelation in the liminal[2] space is the Child.

Life is in duality.

The duality that often is shamed as something we should keep away from, to be “good” humans. Judging things, people, jobs, and places as better than another.

Discriminating. That which we have been playing out on our planet Earth. All the misuse of human potential, putting us into conflict and draining the planet.

Inverted duality has steered the world, and made us perceive life without even acknowledging what we take for granted.

But as creatures born with a choice, duality is also the threshold where creativity takes place. The place where the new paradigm on Earth is heading.

Our divine gift of free will.

The reason that we can change direction when we aren’t satisfied with our lives.

The possibility arena to create our life that suits our original and authentic personality. Our secret dreams within us.

A dear friend and previous colleague of mine, Athina, once said, “One day you tell me about a vision of yours, a vision that would take several years of education, and good fortune to come to fruition. Then when I see you three months later you are already there, living it!”

Yes, my way of living and experiencing life has taken me down a variety of roads, exploring area after area, in a kind of seamless transition between different worlds, containing new consciousnesses each time.

Now with my rear-view mirror, I can see what made all the rapid establishments possible. With the codes undressed, I am now able to spread the wisdom to the ones willing to practice it in their own way.

For you to fulfil your dreams.

The reality of magic comes from the way we perceive and treat life.

We have all heard it so many times and might be spreading it to others, but to me, it seems that the core perspective still has been missed, to really make us able to practice the wisdom.

What occurs in your relationships?

Do they confirm your already experienced reality?

Or do they challenge you to lose one idea and behaviour, for another?

Are you hanging with the ones who have the same beliefs as you?

Or have you found the liminal space between you and others seemingly with different ideas?

The curiosity of their worldview.

Then you already have found the love residing in the connection of polarities and the wide world of possibilities within.

The formula for change takes courage and creates magic. The safest place where we can be, in these times of uncertainty.

My wish is that this book will deliver that challenge to change, from within us and our societies.

[1] The way in which two or more things are connected. [2] The word "liminal" comes from the Latin word “limen,” which means threshold. To be in a liminal space means to be on the precipice of something new but not quite there yet. You can be in a liminal space physically, emotionally, or metaphorically.


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