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Three Day Online Program

Få ett certifikat genom att slutföra programmet.
Deltagare som slutfört alla steg i programmet kommer få ett emblem.


3 Days Available any time over zoom or in person at Karlevi/ Sweden (for additional cost). Another possibility is that I come to you (travel expenses would need to be covered). For those who live in one world that pays the bills, and the other a world that fits your ethics, values, and consciousness. Unleash Your Pure Potential. It is already an inbuilt gift ready to be awakened. This program is for you when you have come to the point when you need a change to your situation and yearn for a natural, easy way to rediscover and use your Pure Potential. Divine Duality is another worldview than the one we have been living in our societies, and the worldview will open the door to implementing the universal flow in the Earthly realm - To materialise heaven on Earth. It is totally natural, though it builds on your own inner wisdom and nothing else. No one will put you in a box of an already constructed vision of reality, but give you tools to use the Divine Potential that is inbuilt in duality. With its application, you will be a potent leader for humanity co-creating with Gaia’s ascended consciousness. You will live the new paradigm on Earth. Welcome to your unfolding. You're invited to cross the bridge between your two worlds and create one world within, through and around you.

Du kan också gå med i programmet via mobilappen.




2 995,00 US$


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