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Sound Healing

Welcome to deep well-being, where the body and mind can experience pure harmony.

You will be surrounded by crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs and other high frequency instruments. Inaya uses the voice to transform blocked energies, and the instruments stabilize the body and mind into a new state. The healing continues to work several weeks after a session.

If you want to heal a blockage, difficult experiences, or specific areas of the body, we focus on that healing. Inaya locates the area of the problem, by sounding undertones with her voice, and releases them with her voice as a tool. Feel free to bring a water bottle and clothes to go out into nature after the sound healing. The silence afterwards is an important part of the treatment.

Our meeting begins with a shorter coaching where your consciousness has time to gather to your desired result with the healing. A sense of bliss and relaxation will come from the sound healing and the healing vibrations integrate your mental intentions.

Nature will continue the process.

The session, including initial communication, takes about 1.5 hours.

If it is a gift card you want, just send your wish to:, and I will send you a link so you can purchase it for a friend or family member.

Our studio for sound healing is located in Karlevi on Öland, about 9 km south of the bridge abutment. A beautiful place with a view of the Kalmar sound to the west, and with the Alvaret on our east side.

Time: about 1 ½ hours

Cost: $180 USD SEK 2,000 (Reduced to $104 USD SEK 1,111 in connection with Soul Realignment or Energy Medicine

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Sound Healing

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