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Magic Mic Moments with Inaya Oakroot

Inaya shares:

How her superpower is her inner knowing and straight connection with her higher self.

How to align authentically with "what is" and to bring core emotions up to the surface to clear them.

Her 3 Top Tips to help people:

1. To remember that suffering only exists when the mind runs away from your heart so integrate both.

2. Work on Self Love.

3. Work and pushing doesn't lead to your goals but seeing the wonders of the small things as then your energy field blossoms and integrates and is easier to reach.

Inaya Oakroot has dedicated herself to the artistic path since the age of 5.

She was always guided to other realities other than the common well-worn routes in life. Her art was her tool into her lifelong investigation into an authentic life beyond the veil taught by society. She started her career as a tennis coach at the age of 14.

Over her 30-year career as a tennis coach, she trained 5 to 60-year-olds, male and female, beginners and juniors at a high level of competition. This created an incredible understanding of people and what makes them tick, their motivations, and behaviours.

All the while she combined her love and talent of art with various art exhibitions in Scandinavia and abroad, becoming successful beyond her wildest expectations.

By the age of 40 she started her next chapter as a consultant, board member and creator of educational programs for the corporate and public sector.

Her speciality was implementing creativity and entrepreneurship with the intention to eliminate the separation between the different fields of excellence. 

Her drive was to break down those silos between departments and between different authority levels and help teams to operate at the highest level of performance, staying competitive in a changing world. She was also the owner and operator of a refugee camp for four years.

Bringing her face to face with trauma, war, separation, death, and loss. With her work then leading her to writing various books about the coming of a new reality and the shift of consciousness, helping people to navigate the new paradigm. The last 8 years have been dedicated to the healing arts, as a sound healer, energy healer, specialising in the akashic records, plus shamanic studies and practices through Energy Medicine Institute (EMI). As well as being an artist, author, and still working in the corporate world with teams as a leadership coach.

She is now founder of Oakroot Spiritual Academy, bringing her life's work together under one roof to connect seekers to their Divine Duality. Doing her part for Earth and its people's ascension.

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