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Humanity has come to a portal and the question is

Do we want to discover a totally new dimension of existence or is it fine to stay where we are?

Will we take ourselves over the threshold?

Welcome to a place where you can relax, knowing that the turmoil in the world is giving everyone an opportunity to come home where you are called to be.

The choice is ours, more than it has ever been.

It is not a coincidence that this book came to you.

In this time of now when no plan is guaranteed, as it was just some years ago, many of us choose to listen inwardly, asking ourselves about what gives our life meaning and joy.

Survival is not only physical and financial but also social and emotional.

Life has opened up opportunities to take care of our well-being and many of us have heightened our inner guidance and consciousness.

We have accelerated our energy with the help of nature, art, yoga, music, sports… and experienced joy at a higher level.

The corporate world asks us to be a productive element in society and to contribute, but our efforts to take responsibility for ourselves and our planet have been marginalised as something that we should do in our spare time, as a hobby.

We are encouraged by society to do some small changes in our lifestyle that we know is not enough to help the planet.

We have started to live a life where we are divided into two parts, or even many parts. A place in life where we can’t dwell for too long, without consequences.

But these diversities in life have a treasure residing within.

That is what we shall examine, and are invited to practice, throughout this book.

I will take you into a film showing you a parallel reality to the one seen by your external vision.

A reality that has always been there, residing inward in every here and now.

The Breath of Creation.

It will take your deep presence to become living in the film, that is the book.

I invite you to the sensation of your true vital force and creativity. Enabling you to navigate your path to happiness.

Dearly beloved, we welcome you into an amazing and magical ride, that is yourself!

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