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Three Day Online Event

3 Day One on One Private Retreat LIVE ONLINE

Three Day Online Event
Three Day Online Event

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Book your Free Discovery Session

LIVE Online through Zoom

About the Event

About the Private Retreat Event

For those who live in one world that pays the bills, and the other a world that fits your ethics, values, and consciousness.

Unleash Your Pure Potential.

It is already an inbuilt gift ready to be awakened.

This program is for you when you have come to the point when you need a change to your situation and yearn for a natural, easy way to rediscover and use your Pure Potential.

Divine Duality is another worldview than the one we have been living in our societies, and the worldview will open the door to implementing the universal flow in the Earthly realm - To materialise heaven on Earth.

It is totally natural, though it builds on your own inner wisdom and nothing else.

No one will put you in a box of an already constructed vision of reality, but give you tools to use the Divine Potential that is inbuilt in duality.

With its application, you will be a potent leader for humanity co-creating with Gaia’s ascended consciousness. You will live the new paradigm on Earth.

Welcome to your unfolding.

You're invited to cross the bridge between your two worlds and create one world within, through and around you.

Divine Duality is for you if you want to:

o Find your Pure Potential and use it in your daily life.

o Understand yourself from a point of success.

o Have energy and trust that your life is important.

o Fully be able to follow your inner guidance both in your workspace and daily life.

o Experience that your Divine uniqueness has a place in the world.

o Find your way to earn your living from where you belong.

o Experience a life where you do less to achieve more.

o Serve humanity by just being yourself, and manifesting your dreams.

o Have flow in your daily life, making your trajectories unfold effortlessly.

o Heal from wounded stories.

o Know what is yours to create, and what is not.

o If you have a big dream, but weren’t able to land it.

o Heal genetic lines, with connection to your ancestors.

o Use your voice to heal and connect to your Divine beingness.

o Be happy.

What you will Receive

Tools to move you into the field, energy and frequency of your wish, in every different situation.

A path to self-love and power to manifest your inner wishes.

Using high-frequency sound to charge our voice, body and creativity.

We will fire up our soul, and then begin our introspection and reflection.

Experiencing new beginnings each day, with their different flavours.

It will be a total expansion of our Pure Potential.

Your Preparation

A place where you can be undisturbed.

Soft clothes that will make you comfortable moving your body, to music and drawing.

A4 papers, pen and painting materials of your own choice.

Materials that will be sent to you from Inaya

A signed copy of the book UNFOLDING


Program Outline

Day 1 (3.5 hours)

Opening your loving heart into Divine Duality

Using our voice and body to heal our Masculine/Feminine. Enter our internal worldview.

Part 1: Your wish and dreams, and you’re here and now story.

Part 2: Meditation uncovering Masculinity and Femininity

Part 3: Creative work, exploring your divine uniqueness of expression. Empowering your inbuilt potential.

Part 4: Exploring your Masculine/Feminine of today.

Part 5: Awaken your Divine Child throw Divine Duality

Part 6: Uncover your way to transform

Part 7: Connect to your courageous self.

Day 2 (3.5 hours)

Clear vision, collaboration and healing the duality

Part 1: Land in the here and now, and unleash your wisdom and emotions from the previous day.

Connect to your inner life without prefabricated ideas. What do you want to bring to life? Personal and in business.

In its essence.

Part 2: Talents and skills experienced from the perspective of Divine Duality.

Part 3: Experience how shadows and wounded stories are created, and how to shift from the old way of using duality, into Divine Duality.

Part 4: Experience our connectedness to the field of creation – LIFE in all dimensions.

Learning how to use healing sounds.

Part 5: Take back the masculine power, given away.

Part 6: Your collaboration within yourself and connections wanted.

Day 3 (3.5 hours)

Manifesting your Pure Potential

Part 1: Land in the here and now, and unleash your wisdom and emotions from the previous day.

Part 2: Create your Manifesting Wheel

Part 3: Find flow in your trajectories through Divine Duality.

Give sound to your manifestation and a symbol.

Part 4: Create daily rituals to hold your energy and inspiration during the full day and week.

Part 5: Changing the perspective of challenges at work or present daily life, and step into the new, from the viewpoint of living your dream.

Part 6: Your Inspirational Spaces.

Part 7: Where to deliver? Closing discussions and coaching.


  • 3 Day Online Retreat

    Private one on one 3 day retreat on zoom with Inaya

  • 3 Day In-House Retreat

    Held in Sweden at Inaya's Retreat Centre one on one, fully catered for.




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