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Signature Program

Twelve Week Journey


August 10th – October 19th 2024

Embody Divine Duality

About the Twelve Week
Group Journey

The program embodying Divine Duality takes the path of unlearning, and relearning from everyone’s unique inner Divine nature.

The treasure that we are heading is a creative field that simultaneously will heal. When we come to the ableness of merging opposites within ourselves, and make them thrive together, we have come to the next level of human consciousness.

A field of consciousness that only the one experiencing it can imagine.

We will use our voices as a great tool to heal and making us able to choose our energy field.

And we will activate our sensory system to make our natural creativity take place, following our intentions.
The course will help us heal our relations and to have a life that is connected to the great web that rules all natural laws.

Our mind, heart and body will be our tools to interconnect and to use differently by conscious choice.

We will practice Divine Duality throughout the course to make it a natural way perceiving duality in its field of match and merge. Being one with the magic third reality that it creates.

The willpower that in the 2D world perceiving duality, made us have a strong ego, now will be used differently. We will live in a worldview where everything is connected and the potential in the matched and merged will form itself after our investigations.

By using the modern science of energy, combined with the natural laws, the wisdom from the arts and the wisdom of healing, combined, we will be conscious creators, willing to let go of our old way of control.

Balance our masculine/feminine

As we raise our vibration, we will be gifted a strong energyfield around us that lead us to another consciousness than before.

The third month we will enter the field where we can use our innate skills to create our life and work in the new paradigm.

You are welcome to go into a meditative mind and listen to this meditation for 10 minutes to have A Glimpse of Divine Duality, and experiencing it yourself.

In the program Embody Divine Duality you will share a sacred space together with others, each of you dedicated to fulfilling your own inner guidance, and with that, to be in synchronicity with the evolvement of Earth and the next paradigm for us humans. You will have a committed platform where you may evolve and establish your individual use of Divine Duality.

A program for those who live in one world that pays the bills, and the other a world that fits your ethics, values, and consciousness. To unleash Your Pure Potential.

It is already an inbuilt gift ready to be awakened.

This program is for you when you have come to the point when you need to step into your dedication.

It is a natural and easy way to rediscover and use your Pure Potential.

Divine Duality is another worldview than the one we have been living in our societies, and the worldview will open the door to implementing the universal flow in the Earthly realm. To materialise heaven on Earth.

It is totally natural, though it builds on your own inner wisdom and nothing else. No one will put you in a box of an already constructed vision of reality, but give you tools to use the Divine potential that is inbuilt in duality, and all your previous modalities and tools will be useful.

Welcome to your Unfolding

You are invited to cross the bridge between your two worlds and create one world within, through and around you.

  • Divine Duality is for you if you want to

  • Find your Pure Potential and use it in your daily life.

  • Find your way to earn your living from where you belong.

  • Understand yourself from a point of success.

  • Have energy and trust that your life is important.

  • Evolve together with others, where you can thrive thanks to the other, and have a platform where you safely can materialize your inner guided devotion.

  • Evolve new parts of yourself in sacred space.

  • Have a steady and long-term path for your own development.

  • Fully be able to follow your inner guidance both in your workspace and daily life.

  • Experience that your Divine uniqueness has a place in the world.

  • Experience a life where you do less to achieve more.

  • Serve humanity by just being yourself, and manifesting your dreams.

  • Have flow in your daily life, making your trajectories unfold effortlessly.

  • Heal from wounded stories.

  • Know what is yours to create, and what is not.

  • If you have a big dream, but weren’t able to land it.

  • Heal genetic lines, with connection to your ancestors.

  • Use your voice to heal and connect to your Divine beingness.

  • Be happy.

What you will Receive

A platform where you can safely try on your own way of living your dream, and your own path. Where you can safely be yourself in your different personalities and emotional states, held by others. A platform to establish your continued way of interacting in your external life.

You will be given tools to move yourself into the field, energy and frequency of your wish, in every different situation. A path to self-love and power to manifest your inner wishes.

Most of the program will be practical, charging your voice, body and creativity. You will practice modalities to heal yourself and others with your own voice. We will fire our soul, be in introspection/reflection, and experience a red thread within the new steps each week, with their different flavor. It will be a beautiful, powerful, and smooth expansion of our Pure Potential.

Your Preparation

A place where you can be undisturbed.

Soft clothes that will make you comfortable moving your body, to music and drawing.

A4 papers, pen and painting materials of your own choice.

Materials sent to you

The program includes:

  • The online education will be accessed from our website 10-12 hours/month, with all 22 videos, meditations, written text and instructions gathered, plus a chat forum for participants.

  • One Soul Realignment reading and clearing + cleared and opened pineal gland by sound (The two are able to be shifted to a coaching session)

  • One trauma release through sound (month 2) (able to be shifted to a coaching session)

  • 3 coaching sessions (available within 6 months)

  • Signed paperbacks of 

  1. Unfolding – Awakening to Your Pure Potential

  2. This Creative Existence - Unfolding a New Conscious World

  3. The video of “Dreamstate - Where You Bring Forth Your Being”.

  • The Journal of Unfolding

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Program Outline

Inaya program Elements (1).png
Inaya 9.jpeg
Inaya 9.jpeg


Born in Sweden as Cesilia Ekroth 1962.

Inaya has dedicated herself to the artistic path since the age of 5.

She was always guided to other realities other than the common well-worn routes in life.

Her art was her tool in her lifelong investigation into an authentic life beyond the veil taught by society.

She started her career as a tennis coach at the age of 14. Over her 30-year career as a tennis coach, she trained 5 to 60-year-olds, male and female, beginners and juniors at a high level of competition. This created an incredible understanding of people and what makes them tick, their motivations, and their behaviours.

All the while she combined her love and talent for art with various art exhibitions in Scandinavia and abroad, becoming successful beyond her wildest expectations.

By the age of 40, she started her next chapter as a consultant, board member and creator of educational programs for the corporate and public sectors.

Her speciality was implementing creativity and entrepreneurship with the intention to eliminate the separation between the different fields of excellence.  Her drive was to break down those silos between departments and between different authority levels and help teams to operate at the highest level of performance, staying competitive in a changing world.

She was also the owner and operator of a refugee camp for four years. Bringing her face to face with trauma, war, separation, death, and loss.

Her work then led her to write various books about the coming of a new reality and the shift of consciousness, helping people to navigate the new paradigm.

The last 8 years have been dedicated to the healing arts, as a sound healer, and energy healer, specialising in the akashic records, plus shamanic studies and practices through Energy Medicine Institute (EMI). As well as being an artist, and author, while still working in the corporate world with teams as a leadership coach.

She is now the founder of Oakroot Spiritual Academy, bringing her life's work together under one roof to connect seekers to their Divine Duality.  Doing her part for Earth and its people's ascension.


You are a universe within yourself.

Come on a unique journey to shape your new reality.

For those who live in one world that pays the bills, the other a world that fits your ethics, values, and consciousness.

Welcome to your unfolding.

You're invited to cross the bridge between your two worlds and create one world within, through and around you.


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What I take away with me as the most important things from the retreat.
The morning practice with the 6 dimensions, I will continue with this. I felt this practice was already strong and helped me to ground and welcome the day, as well as get in contact with my guides to help and protect me throughout the day.

The Breathing exercise with the silver-green line of Divine Duality. I have started using it on blockages and things I need to let go of in my life. I feel this is a fantastic tool and when the dualities meet it´s always a magical feeling.
Witnessing in silence - so powerful to be in. To see and feel each other, so much to share with energy and to look into each other eyes.
The connection we did with the chakras, with the guiding and together with movement and sound. I have never before felt this connected with the chakras and how the connections were built up from the ground.
The Inquiries with Threshold and the Shining - such a great way to come back and feel the power we have and use it as a tool. Also to witness each other in this process, it helped me to see what is important to me.
The Strategy on how to come forward - so clear and inspiring to make a strategy on how to be able to reach where I want to be.
How Inaya held the space and was able to always be sensitive and intuitive to where we are in the process and what we need for the moment to come forward is amazing.
I have never felt when I have come back from a retreat before that I am so ready to meet life! It wasn´t just a beautiful bubble to be in, I have the feeling that I have the tools to be able to maintain the flow in my life and to be the conductor of my life.

Klara Ingvarsdotte

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