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Therapeutic Coaching

Inaya's (formerly Cesilia's) life as a coach began as a tennis coach for 30 years and was followed up with "Idott Coaching" and "Coaching across Cultures" at Linnaeus University. ICF training for coaching supervisors (Leader Coach), Heart Math Coach, Transformational Presence Coach, and mBIT Coach.


Her practice is long in entrepreneurship and coaching of leaders and their organisations, and her speciality has been strategy, innovation, creativity and leading the coachee to see with new eyes. For 15 years, she was active in board work, organisational development and created educational programs.

The customers were universities, organisations and small and medium-sized companies. She was also co-owner and operational manager of an asylum accommodation for four years.


Nowadays, the missions are more or less completely directed to leading clients into a larger world view than the one that has limited their life choices, to a world view that develops during the coaching, from their own experience, beyond old thought patterns.


The coaching weaves together the intelligences of the brain, heart and body and some parts are done through meditation.


Coaching makes the changing world more manageable and upgrades the idea of ​​oneself and one's abilities.

Coaching work in the world where "what is not visible to the eye" is taboo, is still part of the assignments, where the coaching is done more traditionally.

Cost: $140 USD per hour SEK 1500 per hour


Holding Hands
  • 1 hr

    140 US dollars
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