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Soul Realignment

The reading from Inaya will also guide you into divine duality to your own sacred journey. Here is a description of the Soul Realignment experience:

We all carry energy patterns in our aura that attract the same energy that the pattern carries. Patterns that set the foundation both for our own choices and for what is drawn to us. Many of our patterns are unconscious and may have been created in past lives.

Soul Realignment is a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation. A new start in life. In my readings and cleansings, Inaya includes your Soul Realignment with all the tools and wisdom that she has received and continues to receive in life, and shares them in the way that each person is in their energy to receive.

Before the cleansing, it is good that you prepare with an intention of what you want to achieve within the next 3-6 months. It is a time to expect to be able to create new circumstances.


A cleansing with Soul Realignment is based on focused intention and Inaya locates blockages and karma that have stood in the way of being able to live in your purest and most powerful energy.

Inaya will clear unfinished energy that has continued to operate in your energy and information system and disrupt your energy field (negative guides, negative karma, soul loss, implants, ethereal souls, earth-bound souls, negative thought forms, contracts, promises, agreements, portals, illusions, negative astral travel, beliefs etc. on a karmic, personal and genetic level). Inaya will locate its root systems and patterns and clear at an energy level in the Akashic Records, where our soul record resides.

After the clearing, we have a coaching meeting where I explain everything cleared from current and past lives, and you will recognize yourself on a new level, as the retelling of what has happened will be experienced within you on an energy level. To help recreate your soul, Inaya will have located your original power sources and soul group, what energy you hold now, your specialities you now have to take yourself to new things, your life lessons, how to best make positive choices for yourself and set powerful intentions, etc…

The conversation is recorded so that you, as a client, can go back and listen and absorb the information again in peace and quiet, and immediately after our meeting, you will receive a personal 21-day cleansing process to read, which establishes the new energy. You take down the purification process of your own free will and can actively listen in and make the choices that the new inner guidance gives. Note that it is now your free choices and activities that build your upcoming energy field. Your energy field no longer vibrates with old wounds, but if your thoughts and worldview are the same, they will create the same patterns you previously enacted. It is a time for clear new intentions in life.

Cost: $300 USD SEK 3,333

You can combine your Soul Realignment with Property Clearing or Sound Healing for a reduced combination price. ($350 USD SEK 3,888 or $420 USD SEK 4,444)

For Soul Realignment and property clearing: The work by Inaya will be done before the session. The time that you spend with Inaya is about 1.5 hour/15 minutes.

You also have the option of ordering a follow-up 1/2 hour coaching within a month after your Soul Realignment, at the reduced price of $56 USD SEK 600.

If you want to read more about Soul Realignment, you have the founder's website here:

The sessions with Inaya have helped me to heal or start healing some inner patterns that seem to have been crucial and with the purpose of oppression. Inaya has access to a lot of information and she conveys it in a very down to earth and attentive way. Meeting Inaya helped me deepen a more loving and compassionate contact with myself.


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