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Energy Medicine

It is our choices and activities that create the reality we live in on Earth and we create our lives in every breath.

Our consciousness and our physical, emotional and mental well-being are the prerequisites. Those who make it easy or difficult to choose what is good for us.


My life is to explore deeper and deeper into the well of life. And so it appeared; the love. The origin of all living things and the "simple" path to all development.

Bathing in love, our highest consciousness, is such a beautiful way into creating our lives! That is where I choose to seek out and share what I have with you, my friends here on Earth.

Much of what we carry in our energy field, which later gives birth to our feelings and thoughts, belongs to a collective field of all things human. We often also carry external energies that have parked in our energy field and send energies other than our own into the field.

A purification process involves removing that which does not belong to us and raising the unique soul's own vibration so that other energies that do not benefit us are kept out of our own.

In Soul Realignment, I clear the blockages, external and self-created, which have later built the "energy web" that creates our thoughts and feelings. The cleansing creates a clean energy field and a clean starting point in our energy system, but we often retain our embedded memories, world view and the fabric that the blockages have created, our "shadow"; unconscious repetitive patterns in our behaviours. Patterns that I, together with my client, purify through "Energy Medicine" (EMI). The process makes visible and takes the client through the stigmas that we all have of different kinds and don't really even want to show to ourselves. What we often judge ourselves for is what we are most attached to. The process heals through our deeply cultivated emotions. A cleansing that is possible after the blockages that created the frequencies are removed.

High-frequency sounds vibrate the very highest state of healing and restoration of our energy and "entrain" our system with source energy. Those three are the tools I have developed and continue to develop with each new assignment.

Warm welcome!


Energy Medicine

The entire work is done together with my client, over Zoom, or in my studio, and takes about 2 hours each time. It is normal for an energy pattern to be fully worked out after 3 rounds, but it varies. At the moment I am doing it in English.

In energy medicine, we heal what is usually called the "shadow". That which lies in the hidden field of our consciousness and which brings us to recurring complications in our lives and relationships.

In the process, I work with the three elements: herbal essences, emotions and self-images to see the "story" that my client carries in his energy field. From internal "story" to finding out which basic feeling keeps the pattern from blooming in the energy field. Then I go further and see how the feeling creates its external outcome; how it manifests. When the client is willing to let go of that pattern, I move on to uncovering the "secondary gain story". It and the basic story are cleansed of symbols and radiate from the most healing frequencies of source energy. Both the stories and the purifications are put together and sent to the client's email to be read aloud during the work.

I look at the origin of the energy and also look for the purifications if there are residues left in any of our bodies (physical body, emotional body, mental body, energy body and etheric body), where further purifications are done if they are found to be present. An additional protection completes the process, where we can then see how long the healing will take to work, and what percentage of the basic feeling pattern has been cleared. After that, we decide together when to move on if the whole pattern is not finished.


Cost of basic package is 3 sessions: $450 USD SEK 4,999

The 3 sessions are 2 hours each.

If more sessions are needed: $140 USD SEK 1,500/session

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