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World Awakenings Interview: Unfold our Divine Reality

In episode #158 of World Awakenings we learn how to unfold our Divine Reality, and to do this we zip over to Sweden and meet Inaya Oakroot.

Inaya’s journey began early when she became a tennis coach at the age of 14.

She then spent three decades delving into the depths of human motivations and behaviors while also exploring her journey as an artist.

She has also done such diverse things as becoming a consultant & program creator to operating a refugee camp for 4 years. And for the past 8 years, Inaya has dedicated herself to the healing arts, specializing in sound & energy healing, and the exploration of akashic records.

She has authored three books, including, “Unfolding: Awakening to Your Pure Potential”, that serve as bridges between science and spirituality. Inaya is the founder of Oakroot Spiritual Academy, helping to empower individuals to embrace their Divine Duality and navigate the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence.

To find out more about & how to connect with Inaya Oakroot, check out her website

You can also find Inaya's books that she has written by checking this page https://www.oakrootspiritualacademy.c...


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