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Property Cleaning

Available Online

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  • 15 minutes
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

We are drawn to the homes that correspond to our energies and sometimes we undergo major changes where the home holds us back in the old, after a Soul Realignment. The imbalances then feel extra strong. There may be portals, earth-bound souls, etc., that stand in the way of your free energy to work. To be able to do a property cleanup, you need to be the owner or otherwise be responsible for its finances. Then you are connected to it on an energy level and have the power to change its energy. Time for sharing what has been purified: approx. 15 min "Before the cleansing, I felt so incredibly controlled by old thought forms that were in the energy of my home. I could not take the new steps that I longed for and that I felt were needed. Immediately after the cleansing, I experienced an incredible lightness and simplicity. I, who had been so afraid of not having the ability to take the steps I wanted to take, became aware of what was holding me back, and found that I had new thought forms within me that supported the path I needed to take, and that I could begin to take the steps without the feeling of mud that I experienced before. The interaction between me and my daughter has become so much better since the house cleaning and we no longer start from old patterns when we interact, but create new flows between us that more truly reflect the great love we have for each other. I can see her for who she is, and also respect myself and my own boundaries. I enjoy my home even more now and feel that I am collaborating with the house to make it an even more restful and nurturing place for me and my child. One room has been completely transformed since the cleansing and another place in the house is being transformed. I am grateful beyond words for this help to come home to my own home." - Paola Foresti

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule email please give me 24 hours notice as a courtesy.

Contact Details

+46 73 05 01 900

Karlevi, Sweden

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