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Divine Duality - The Path to Rewire the Old Paradigm

Watch the recording here:

What is duality ?

Inaya Oakroot is speaking about Divine Duality as a path to rewire the old paradigm. She is an Author, Vocal sound healer, channeler, combining shamanism with akashic record reading, retreat leader and ICF coach. Duality has been inverted in our world, to be counterparts pulling away each other. And it has created our ego and shadow. When energetically reestablish the natural attraction between two counterparts, separation is cleared, and suffer is reduced bit by bit. Watch this episode, as Inaya is speaking about Divine Duality, integrating Source energy within the two counterparts of duality and being the creators of our life.

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➡ About Inaya Oakroot: Inaya is a paradigm shifter, moving consciousness into the Divine side of Duality, that is a free road to embody our pure potential and heal trauma. She offers one-one sessions as well as workshops and retreats and transmit the shift throw guided meditation, using vocal sound healing and high frequency external sounds and also Shamanic healing throw the Akashic Records. Combined with teaching her clients how to use their own voice and creativity individually, proper to their needs, and teach them the Unique and powerful tools of vertical breath, together with Divine Duality; helping people to use their devices: The brain, the heart and the body combined, to enter the hidden potential of duality. Three books of Inaya: “This Creative Existence – Unfolding a new conscious world” “Dreamstate – Where you bring forth your being” and “Unfolding – Awakening to your pure potential”.


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