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Riding The Waves Of Shifting Energies with Inaya Oakroot

We  ​embark on a profound journey with Inaya Oakroot who is the founder of The Oakroot Spiritual Academy.

Inaya explores the evolving dynamics of our world. Join us in discovering the shift from a 3D reality to a multidimensional one, where telepathic abilities and heightened frequencies redefine our interactions.

Inaya shares her experiences from the transformative period when she wrote “Creative Existence: Unfolding a New Conscious World,” offering insights into Earth’s current state of upheaval and change.

Discover the power of non-reaction, drop the us-versus-them mentality, and learn how Inaya navigated a potentially dangerous situation with the wisdom of energy awareness.

Dive into this captivating conversation that unveils the intricate tapestry of energies shaping our existence.

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