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Sun, 18 Aug


Karlevi Sweden

Six Day Retreat in Sweden

Six Day Retreat 2024 Live In-Person at Karlevi in Sweden

Six Day Retreat in Sweden
Six Day Retreat in Sweden

Time and Location

18 Aug 2024, 17:00 CEST – 23 Aug 2024, 17:00 CEST

Karlevi Sweden, Karlevi, Sweden

About the Event

Do you want to finally come home?

Get out of the wheel where you make your money and where you don't really belong?

Access to realising your own medicine and wisdom?

And add your own individual voice as a magical tool for healing and creation of reality?

My last retreat was called "Being Human is greater than you think".

This is the next phase of human evolution.

We are needed in our Divinity. Who we are when we step around the coin of duality, to the other side.

The retreat has lots of time for rest; necessary to harness the intense sensations of wisdom, enjoyment, healing and your path to manifesting your often hidden inner potential. 

Your potential feminine power will be harnessed to effortless performance; and by that activate your masculine potential in balance. Creativity is inherent in that process.

The wisdom that comes from your own integrated intelligence will open a portal and tools to take advantage of your life in love. A structure will emerge for how you want to continue to serve yourself, at the same time feed yourself and face the outside world. Divine duality is a portal to achieving what we have long sought.

All that you already are and have, your inner voice is the way. You are perfect as you are and everything you have experienced is your asset.

Divine Duality is the sweet spot created, when your present moment contains the sum of two counterparts. The creative, loving area of oneness expanded into interplay with itself. When two counterparts match and merge with each other you are let into a portal to another dimension of existence. A living field of love and potential.

During our retreat, we will convert duality. Everything we have created thanks to duality; ego, shadow, filter, which in turn have created guilt and shame, contradictions and strife, can be eliminated thanks to the other side of duality.

Inaya has coined the name Divine Duality since experiencing Yin/Yang in its true energy, beyond the mind's understanding.

The creative, loving realm of Oneness has expanded into an interaction with itself.

When two counterparts match and merge with each other, you are released into a portal to another dimension of existence. A living field of love and potential.

Divine duality restores and underpins our ability to love… in the first step we regain our ability to love ourselves.

Most of the program will use high-frequency sounds and be practical. It will activate our voice, body and creativity. 

Our voice is such a valuable tool as it can provide instant healing and powerfully creates reality. It is the first form of the source energy of the Cosmos.

Do you want to join?

You can read more about Divine Duality in Inaya Oakroot's Amazon #1 best selling book, Unfolding - Awakeing to your Pure Potential, which you can find on the website

Divine Duality is nothing new, but thanks to an available higher frequency on Earth, it has become apparent. 

The very form and structure of Divine Duality gives the brain contours and knowledge to understand what has previously been formless. And it is our worldview and brain limitations that have kept us in the old paradigm. 

Only when our worldview allows the brain to operate in new dimensions can we reach what the contour less nature of our heart has latent.

Surely this news is exciting!!!?

We will practice unity within ourselves, our communities, our workplaces and with the dynamics of the Cosmos and Earth. 

With the help of guided meditations, combined with high-frequency sounds, we arrive at a state where we can create our own life in every present moment. 

We will learn how to use undertones and sounds of vowels/consonants that provide an immediate response of healing – The healing of our imbalances/diseases is the path needed for us to be free to enter into our pure potential / our Divine Duality.

Divine Duality is for you if you want to:

· Be a part of serving and harvest the pleasure of the paradigm shift on Earth.

· Interconnect your 3D world and your superconscious self.

· Find your Pure Potential and use it in your daily life.

· Find your way to earn your living from where you belong.

· Leave the era of guilt and shame.

· Understand yourself from a point of self-love.

· Have energy and trust that your life is important.

· Evolve new parts of yourself in sacred space.

· Experience that your Divine uniqueness has a place in the world.

· Experience a life where you do less to achieve more.

· Serve humanity by just being yourself, and manifesting your dreams.

· Have flow in your daily life, making your trajectories unfold effortlessly.

· Heal from wounded stories.

· Use your voice to heal and connect to your Divine beingness.

· Experience ease in life.


Soft clothes that will make you comfortable moving your body, to music and drawing.

Be prepared for early mornings.

I look forward to welcoming you to my home, my workplace, the land, the place, the retreat.

Book now or if you have questions, then organise a free discovery session to speak with Inaya directly to go everything you need to make an informed decision.


  • 5 hours 30 minutes

    Day 1

    Karlevi Sweden

  • 13 hours

    Day 2

    Karlevi Sweden
4 more items available


  • Early Bird including all costs

    Sale ends: 18 Jul, 23:50 CEST

    Save $300 USD Live In Person Experience in Karlevi Sweden

  • NORMAL TICKET including all


    Goes on sale: 13 Jul, 00:00 CEST



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