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Awaken and Ascend Podcast Interview

Inaya Oakroot joins me today from Sweden transmitting love, wisdom and insight on Divine Duality today on @awakenandascend

Inaya is an artist who travelled through life with art as a tool for survival, healing and searching “the beyond” to later find the magic of being an earthling. She is also the author of, “Unfolding – Awakening to your pure potential” and more.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

• Art as tool for survival

• Unfolding and anchoring your true potential

• Being okay with being different

• Inner call as a safe place

• Not understanding how our life will evolve

• Recognizing the 3rd Element

• Unifying brain-heart-body intelligence

• Perceiving Divine Duality

• How to love a job you hate

• Interplay of yin/yang and pure potential

• The amazing power of creation

• Exploring the new paradigm

• Having the courage to trust

• Coming into a state of healing and balance

Connect with Inaya Oakroot: Website and to Book A Discovery Session:

Your Host: Jennifer Regular is the Soul Illuminator at Lighting The Path helping Visionaries direct the life they are meant to live so they can have greater impact, make the impossible possible, and fulfill their life mission.

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