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Creative Status Interview

Divine Duality and Realness

Creative Status is a podcast about using creativity as a vehicle for improving your life by deconstructing ego, integrating the shadow self, and designing and manifesting a real life.

Every episode explores how the creative process can help you GROW REAL by moving towards wholeness in yourself by making the unconscious conscious.

Explore the captivating world of Divine Duality on this episode of Creative Status. Meet Inaya Oakroot, a visionary artist and coach, as we journey through her extraordinary philosophy and the story behind it.

Inaya, born Cesilia Ekroth in Sweden, embarked on a lifelong artistic journey at just 5 years old. Guided by a connection to otherworldly realms, she balanced a remarkable career as a tennis coach with her flourishing artistry, exceeding all expectations. Her path led her to consult in the corporate world, run a refugee camp, and author books on shifting consciousness.

In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative power of Divine Duality. Inaya’s experiences reveal the profound harmony of opposites and the potential it unlocks in our creative journeys. Explore her spiritual evolution through sound healing, energy healing, and shamanic studies.

Don’t miss this episode of Creative Status if you’re on your own journey and want to grow real. Listen now to gain fresh perspectives on Divine Duality and ignite your own creative journey. Tune in and embrace the magic of balance in art, life, and beyond!

Listen here or go to any podcast player:


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