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Profound Professionals Interview Series with your Host Jessica Koch and Featuring Inaya Oakroot

Profound Professional Interview with Inaya Oakroot: A Paradigm Shifter, Vocal Sound Healer, and Founder of Oakroot Spiritual Academy

I had the honor of  interviewing Inaya Oakroot, a remarkable individual dedicated to an extraordinary journey encompassing art, coaching, corporate leadership, and spiritual healing. Inaya, a paradigm shifter and vocal sound healer, has spent her life breaking barriers and guiding others towards their Divine Duality.

Artistic Genesis and Athletic Prowess

Inaya embarked on her artistic path at age of 5, utilizing her creative expression to explore a life beyond societal norms. Simultaneously, she began a 30-year career as a tennis coach at the age of 14, coaching individuals of various ages and skill levels. This unique combination cultivated a profound understanding of people's motivations, behaviors, and the pursuit of excellence.

Corporate Innovation and Social Impact

Entering her 40s, Inaya transitioned into consulting, board memberships, and educational program creation for the corporate and public sectors. Her specialization lay in fostering creativity and entrepreneurship, aiming to dissolve barriers between different fields of excellence. Remarkably, she also operated a refugee camp for four years, confronting and addressing trauma, war, separation, death, and loss.

Awakening to Healing Arts

In the subsequent eight years, Inaya immersed herself in the healing arts. As a sound healer, energy healer, and a student of shamanic studies through Energy Medicine Institute (EMI), she explored the realms of the Akashic Records. Simultaneously, she continued her roles as an artist, author, and corporate leadership coach.

Founding Oakroot Spiritual Academy

Inaya is now the founder of Oakroot Spiritual Academy, a culmination of her life's work aimed at connecting seekers to their Divine Duality. The academy offers one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats, guiding individuals through a shift in consciousness using guided meditation, vocal sound healing, high-frequency external sounds, and shamanic healing through the Akashic Records.

Books and Resources

Inaya Oakroot has authored three books: "This Creative Existence – Unfolding a new conscious world," "Dreamstate – Where you bring forth your being," and "Unfolding – Awakening to your pure potential." These insightful books are available on her website Oakroot Spiritual Academy.

Connect with Inaya Oakroot:

A Tip from Inaya Oakroot

"Everyone’s  voice is a healing tool for them. Your voice is worth freeing. The path to self love is a powerful tool to your wealth."

And the cause that Inaya Oakroot passionately conveyed to us is to enlighten the world about the fundamental role of pure water in sustaining our bodies, the Earth, and all existence. Her commitment is to foster global understanding of the critical importance of water and to invest her resources into innovative experiments and techniques dedicated to ensuring the availability of uncontaminated water.

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